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Hide and Seek

$ Call

"Hide and Seek" by Bob Byerley

Signed Limited Edition Giclee on Paper, Unframed
Image Size: 24 X 30 in.
Edition Size: 150

“Don’t hide in the pantry, they always look for us there; Jenny’s bedroom closet is too dark……...I don’t like it in there. How about the basement? That’s right, we said that’s off limits……Hurry up we’re running out of time……..The hall closet……no, it smells like mothballs…....wait, I’ve got it……under the dining room table…..quick…..and don’t giggle!”

“I was exploring an antique shop when I ran across a fabulous 20 volume set of turn of the century children’s books. They were called “Chatterbox” and were published yearly in England. What fascinated me was the physical condition of each book. They had the wear and tear of books that were over a hundred years old but they still had their illustrations in good shape. I loved the cracks, chips and patina of their covers and I knew then that I had to include them in a painting.

I had been sketching out a painting of my granddaughters Annika and Alice playing hide and seek. They hid over and over in the same place, under the dining room table. I combined the “Chatterbox” books and the girls and came up with the painting “Hide and Seek”.

The painting turned out to be perhaps the most time consuming one I had ever done. Each of the books were like a painting within itself. I loved capturing the textures and subdued colors of the children at play over a century ago.” Bob Byerley 2010

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