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The Scariest Movie, Ever

$ Call

"The Scariest Movie Ever, Ever" by Bob Byerley
Signed Limited Edition Giclee on Paper, Unframed
Image Size: 17 X 32 in.
Edition Size: 150

Annika and Collin were brave kids. Their parents were proud of the fact that nothing and I mean nothing, could frighten their little soldiers. When Dad took Collin to the barber shop for his first haircut, that boy didn’t let out a whimper. Annika got a tetanus shot and never shed a tear. Collin could put a Band-Aid on his skinned knee all by himself and his cousin once pulled a splinter out of her finger with just her teeth.

They could both face danger with a steely resolve… but last Friday night, ten minutes into “The Mummy Meets the Swamp Thing” they lost it; they bolted; terror flowed over them like warm slimy swamp goo on a hideously howling, black as a basement coal bin night!

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