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Limited Editions Sculptures Originals Animation Gift certificates
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$ Call

Signed Limited Edition Lithograph, Unframed
Image Size: 27 X 21 in.
Edition Size: 1500

It was well into the third week of summer vacation and we had read all of Lester Carter’s comic books when Artie Dunbar said,“Lets start a club, we’ll do dangerous things and we’ll have meetings in Dubby’s tree house!” Carpenter added, “We’ll charge about a hundred dollars to get in, never let girls in, have secret rules and a secret handshake an a secret password and........... Artie stopped him, “Carpenter, if your sister Charlene twists your arm behind you, I know you! You’d tell her everything!” “No, I’d swear a club’s oath, I’d let her break my arm in about eighty places!”

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