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Walts Magical Barn


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Signed Limited Edition Lithograph, Unframed
Image Size: 23 X 30 in.
Edition Size: 1500

A humble barn can become a magical place. With a childís imagination a future showman can transform it into a neighborhood theater. Sometimes a barn is the creative place where an adultís fanciful ideas are nurtured into reality. For Walt Disney his quaint red barn is the center of operations for his large scale Carolwood Pacific Railroad. On this fine spring day, we find him working on his steam locomotive, which he named Lilly Belle for his beloved wife, Lillian.
Suddenly, a boy appears with his older brother, Roy. In the distance chuffs an old steamer on its thundering run through Marceline, Missouri. Walt notices the boy looks strangely familiar. Quite possibly, heís Waltís inner child beckoning him to come outside and wave once more to the engineer, Uncle Mike Martin.

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